Devastating consequences can occur when kids have unintended access to guns. As responsible gun owners, it’s important to make sure kids don’t have unsupervised access to firearms, and to teach them the importance of gun safety.

Firearm Safety Among Children & Teens Consortium (FACTS): FACTS Research Consortium Aims to Prevent Firearm Injury and Deaths among U.S. Children and Teens. More than 30 researchers, practitioners, and firearm owners across the U.S. will catalyze child firearm injury research through a 5 million dollar grant. Read more about our consortium’s goals to fund novel pilot projects, train the next generation of firearm scholars, and define new directions for child firearm injury prevention research.

Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence: The Truth About Kids & Guns
This report contains data on youth gun deaths and injuries, as well as youth access to firearms. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) fatal injury data, nonfatal injury data, and violent death data are included, as well as data from relevant studies.

Journal of Urban Health: Firearm Storage in Gun-Owning Households with Children: Results of a 2015 National Survey
Guidance alone, such as that offered by the American Academy of Pediatrics, has fallen short. These findings underscore the need for more active and creative efforts to reduce children’s exposure to unsafely stored firearms.