An Open Letter From Hunters About Gun Reform

"We are Americans; we are gun owners; we are hunters; and we support responsible firearm regulation."


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Oregon Ballot Initiative

Oregon Initiative 43

A group of faith leaders in Oregon has filed a proposal for a ballot measure that its authors say would ban the future sale of "assault weapons" and large capacity magazines.  An owner of an existing assault weapon would be required to pass a background check and register the firearm and large capacity magazines. The exact language of the measure including the definition of assault weapons and large capacity magazines is posted on the Oregon Secretary of State's website at    

The proposed ballot measure does not yet have an approved ballot title and has not been certified for signature gathering in order to be on the November ballot in Oregon. 

GOFRO has received a number of inquiries asking if we have taken a position on this proposed ballot measure.  GOFRO PAC has not taken a position on the initiative at this point.  We will be carefully reviewing the initiative to try to understand exactly what it does and doesn't do and what firearms are covered.  Thank you.

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Gun Violence Prevention Challenge Summit & Hack-a-thon

Based on personal experience, the folks who work at Massachusetts General Hospital are truly exceptional!  I'm sure this will be a great event for responsible gun owners to consider linking up with leaders in public health to help reduce gun violence.


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"Crossing the Bar"

"Oregon outdoor writer passes on to his next greatest trek"  Bill Monroe writes in memory of Tom McAllister who inspired so many with a love of hunting and fishing and the NW outdoors.


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Dick's Sporting Goods Stops Selling Military-Style Firearms

Major retailer Dick's Sporting Goods announced this morning that they will no longer sell military-style, high capacity rifles.  They will continue to sell rifles, shotguns and related equipment for hunting and target shooting.  Importantly, they also sell a variety of gun safes, lock boxes and locks for safe storage of firearms.  Thank you to Dick's for stepping forward!

There is solid reasoning behind this decision.  These weapons and their high capacity, fast reload magazines are specifically designed for combat soldiers not sportsmen and women.





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Banning Military Style Weapons; Clay Target Shooting and Safe Storage

Here are two stories that I think are worth reading and thinking about together.  We ought to be able to maintain responsible firearms ownership and enjoy the outdoors and also take the lead to support common sense measures to reduce gun violence.  

In the first one a Florida Republican Congressman and combat vet explains why he supports a ban on the sale of military style weaponry to civilians.  I vehemently disagree with his support for federal "concealed carry reciprocity" of handguns overriding state laws, but on the issue of a ban on the civilian versions of the weapon he carried in combat he deserves a big thank you for his courage and common sense.

In the second story, the Oregonian's Outdoor Sports columnist Bill Monroe writes about youth competition and training in the sport of clay target shooting and joins GOFRO's Paul Kemp with a message for safe storage of all firearms to help prevent suicides and other forms of gun violence.


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"Will America Choose Its Children Over Guns?"

The brave students, teachers and parents of Parkland High School in Florida are calling out for gun safety reform.  Once again, another mass shooting and murder of innocents in a school compels all of us to look deep within ourselves and act to save lives - to save our children.  This NY Times Editorial says it well -

Some have said any action on guns is a "slippery slope."  But the essence of legislation is to set limits.  To fear to act because of the "slippery slope" or because the proposed law is not perfect just means we do nothing.  


The students, teachers and parents of Parkland are saying that is unacceptable.  I agree.



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Physicians and GOFRO Partner to Help Reduce Gun Violence

This article in the Journal of the American Medical Association describes a number of examples of physicians working at the grassroots level to help reduce gun violence.  One of the examples featured is the partnership between Dr. Lisa Reynolds and Paul Kemp of Gun Owners For Responsible Ownership (GOFRO).

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Extreme Risk Protection Orders

The Oregonian's Tim Nesbitt writes about the value of extreme risk protection orders.  GOFRO believes that Oregon's Extreme Risk Protection Order law creates a legal process that achieves a balance between the rights of gun owners and the rights of families to protect themselves and their loved ones from gun violence.

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Explaining Mass Shootings?

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