Gun Owners For Responsible Ownership

We are gun owners, sportsmen, veterans, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons who seek reasonable and responsible solutions to preventing gun violence.

We envision an America where all are safe from gun violence, and where responsible gun owners take the lead to promote safe gun ownership and sensible laws and regulations.

Our commitment to change arose from the December, 2012 shooting at the Clackamas Town Center in suburban Portland, Oregon.  Two people were killed and a third wounded.  All were strangers to the shooter, but to us they were family, friends and neighbors.

We believe our Second Amendment rights come with responsibilities.  We believe in common-sense efforts to reduce gun violence and promote gun safety including:
  • Universal background checks to keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous people
  • Safe and secure storage of firearms to prevent access by children or any unauthorized person

The gun safety video below was created by an interagency team at Clackamas County, Oregon to help educate our community about the need for gun safety and responsible gun ownership.  We at GOFRO believe it is a thoughtful and timely discussion around this critical issue.