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Background Checks Work

"Tighter background checks associated with fewer firearm deaths"

"Repeal of Missouri's background check law associated with increase in state's murders"

"Why expanding background checks would, in fact, reduce gun crime" 

"Universal background checks and the private sale loophole policy summary"


Firearms and Domestic Violence

"Domestic Violence and Guns:  State by State"

This study below concludes that "State statutes restricting those under Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (DVROs) from accessing firearms, and laws allowing the warrantless arrest of DVRO violators, are associated with reductions in total and firearm Intimate Partner Homicides."

Effects of domestic violence policies, alcohol taxes and police staffing levels on intimate partner homicide in large US cities

April M Zeoli and Daniel W Webster


Oregon's "Red Flag Law" - Extreme Risk Protection Orders


Firearms and Children and Youth

University of Michigan "Firearm Safety Among Children and Teens Consortium" (FACTS)


"Open Carry" and Related Issues

Firearms on College Campuses:  Research Evidence and Policy Implications, Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy

In August, 2013, the Oregon Supreme Court upheld the City of Portland ordinance restricting the carrying of loaded firearms in public places (exceptions made for those with concealed handgun permits).  See:

The Corvallis City Council has been considering an ordinance similar to the City of Portland.  See below for background documents prepared for the Council.  Of particular interest are the guidelines around "open carry" situations developed by the Corvallis Police Department for their officers:

The Grand Ronde Tribal Police issues concealed firearms permits but the Tribe prohibits carrying firearms in the Spirit Mountain Casino, any Tribal building, or any location or event where Tribal business is being conducted except for certain situations authorized by the Tribal Police such as those with protective orders against stalking or certain job requirements:



U.S. Supreme Court Decisions


Surveys and Studies

A large majority of Americans - including gun owners - continue to support stronger policies to prevent gun violence  . . . according to a new national public opinion survey conducted by researchers with the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.  The results are published online in Preventive Medicine.


Umpqua Community College Shooting

A series of articles from the Oregonian -