Banning Military Style Weapons; Clay Target Shooting and Safe Storage

Here are two stories that I think are worth reading and thinking about together.  We ought to be able to maintain responsible firearms ownership and enjoy the outdoors and also take the lead to support common sense measures to reduce gun violence.  

In the first one a Florida Republican Congressman and combat vet explains why he supports a ban on the sale of military style weaponry to civilians.  I vehemently disagree with his support for federal "concealed carry reciprocity" of handguns overriding state laws, but on the issue of a ban on the civilian versions of the weapon he carried in combat he deserves a big thank you for his courage and common sense.

In the second story, the Oregonian's Outdoor Sports columnist Bill Monroe writes about youth competition and training in the sport of clay target shooting and joins GOFRO's Paul Kemp with a message for safe storage of all firearms to help prevent suicides and other forms of gun violence.