Oregon Ballot Initiative

Oregon Initiative 43

A group of faith leaders in Oregon has filed a proposal for a ballot measure that its authors say would ban the future sale of "assault weapons" and large capacity magazines.  An owner of an existing assault weapon would be required to pass a background check and register the firearm and large capacity magazines. The exact language of the measure including the definition of assault weapons and large capacity magazines is posted on the Oregon Secretary of State's website at  http://oregonvotes.org/irr/2018/043text.pdf    

The proposed ballot measure does not yet have an approved ballot title and has not been certified for signature gathering in order to be on the November ballot in Oregon. 

GOFRO has received a number of inquiries asking if we have taken a position on this proposed ballot measure.  GOFRO PAC has not taken a position on the initiative at this point.  We will be carefully reviewing the initiative to try to understand exactly what it does and doesn't do and what firearms are covered.  Thank you.