OR Legislative Hearing on Lead Ammunition Survey

Last month, the OR House Interim Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources held an informational hearing on ODFW's lead ammunition survey.  The survey of hunters and non-hunters seeks opinions about lead ammunition, available alternatives and strategies used in other states to reduce the impact of lead on California condors throughout their historic range.

Here's a link to testimony and materials presented at the hearing:  https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2013I1/Committees/HAGNR/2014-09-16-14-00/MeetingMaterials

In their testimony, ODFW representatives noted that the use of lead ammunition in Oregon is legal with the general exception of waterfowl hunting.  The department is not proposing to change that and is suggesting that a voluntary program would be sufficient to address lead exposure should condors reappear in Oregon.  They hope the survey will help guide such a program if it becomes necessary.  The link to the hearing provides background on the issue and a range of opinions.